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October 10, 2017 2 min read

Among the common reasons cited for a preference for smoking are the following:

- Vaporizers are too expensive.
- Smoking is preferable because it allows you to taste the herb.
- The experience is just not the same.

The truth is that these “reasons” are nothing more than misconceptions arising from a lack of knowledge and understanding of the process of vaporization. Let us go through those reasons again to show why vaping, and not smoking, is actually the better option.

The experience definitely is NOT the same. It is BETTER. Much better. Just ask anyone who has ever made the switch from smoking to vaping. After their first session, most people report that their lungs feel cleaner and their breathing easier when they vape as compared to when they smoke. And within a few months of making the switch, people have reported being more active and generally feeling healthier than they ever had before. So no, the experience isn’t the same. But would you rather have the same, less-than-pleasant experience or a better, healthier one?


The Big Launch

After much planning, decorating, sourcing, packaging, pricing, and more, it was time to launch. Celebrating with a small party for friends, family, and everyone in between, we finally shared our brand and products with the world. There’s no one way to start a business, so it was great to see everyone that helped us find our own way here in one room with us.

Our launch was the perfect time to showcase our new collections and share some of our stories. Each collection and product is created using the finest materials, and designed exclusively for you. Our signature collection will soon grow into seasonal collections, and we’re hoping to offer more and more unique products as we get bigger and better.